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Minimum Effort Needed by You

Meals should fit your needs, not one size fits all!

With Skoopin, fully customizable meals are at your fingertips with no additional cost.


Select what you want, how much you want, only pay for what you want, and know instantly what you get:
     cost of food,

     food amount,
     calories, and

in every portion you skoop.

Eat happier, live healthier, and spend wisely!

Eliminate over-consumption and overpayment.

Skoopin automatically tracks your diet.

Skoopin lets everyday people take control of their diet and dietary data with virtually no extra effort.

Skoopin also helps restaurants to attract more customers and optimize their operations.

One of Skoopin's main goals is to help customers collect, analyze, and store real-time dietary data to determine the intrinsic value of the data and to harvest the economic values of food segment businesses.

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Catering Automation

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Diet Data Analysis

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Healthy Diet Platform

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Our Product

Our products are customizable to engineer any restaurant's dining experience.

Cabinet Model (above) features a warming system to keep food at the highest safety standards.

Desktop Model (left) is portable. It can be deployed to a restaurant instantly.

Instant cost, calories, and nutrition data bring dietary awareness to users.  One Skoop at a time!

Using cloud-based technology to track real-time food consumption and supply chain data, our AI-enabled products can take any dining experience to the next level.

Restaurants can use this system to optimize their management, such as improving food preparation and refilling system.


At the same time, consumers can use this system to track their diet and then naturally develop healthier eating habits.  Eating habits and dining experience are changed at the ease of a dashboard view.


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Accurate diet data empowers researches and innovations

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