Value for Diner

Fully Customized Diet

Customize your food combination according to the food you like and the amount you need.

Visualized Diet Reports

Visualize your diet along with detailed nutrition information, ingredients and portion sizes. 

Real-time Data:

Record and sync your intake and nutrition data in our platform right after taking the food.

Smart Mobile App

Track and analyze your diet behavior anywhere with confidence.

Personalized Diet Suggestions

Guide you with real-time data, historical performance, and your unique body status

For daily meals: 

Customers are always paying food they don't need, either varieties and amount!

Restaurants are always guessing what customers need and transfer the extra cost to customers!

With our integrated smart scale, 

Restaurants sell food

- by weight (correct to 1 gram)

- by type (type designates price)

Customers pay

- the food you like

- the amount you need

Our mission is to provide a low-cost way to help human beings carry out customization and intake monitoring, and then create a “Personal Diet Digitalization Platform” to keep track of health. With almost 4 years of practice in China, we have successfully helped more than 10,000 customers enduringly changed their diet towards a healthy way. Our IOT system enables people, like you and me, to customize their own diet with money saved and higher satisfaction, and help them to dig their real needs. 

By doing those, we are able to sell the food by weight, as tiny as one gram, differentiating the price for food at the same time. You only pay for the food you want and the amount of food you really need. Other than that, nutrition reports are provided to help you guide your daily diet and people are welcomed to share their recipe with friends on our APP. In the US, AntX is the first company driving into this blue ocean, and we will take the responsibility of educating the market, then helping people live a better life.

We are on our way to make human beings better!

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