Value for Diners

Fully Customizable Meals

Customize every skoop of your dish with data-driven results.

Visualized Diet Reports

Visualize your diet along with data about cost,  portion sizes, and nutrition information.

Smart Mobile App

Track and analyze your meals and dietary data

Real-time Data

Display and track your meal and nutrition data as you skoop your meal.

Personalized Dietary Suggestions

Receive suggestions about your meals and diet by combining real-time data, historical records, and your unique body condition.​

Value for Restaurants

Catering Automation

Reduce labor cost and increase service efficiency 

Objective Customer Satisfaction

Judge the quality of dishes directly based on accurate customer behavior data. 

Boost Profit

Absorb more customers by higher satisfaction & 
Reduce redundancy and food waste.

User Behavior Collection

Provide a low cost and accurate method to record all the user behaviors.

Enhance Restaurant Operation

Monitor food consumption;

Reduce food waste; and

Increase food variety.

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